First of all, on a broad scale, I have gained a positively different perspective regarding English thanks to Jessica Beck.

Secondly, during our speaking sessions, her smiling face and helpful approach have constituted a magnificent impact on me to possess continuous enthusiasm for further study.

Additionally, the possession of sustainable positive sentiment has undoubtedly increased my level of self-reliance. Moreover, example vocabulary from popular culture has enabled me to easily keep them in my mind.

Lastly, thank you Jessica!! You’re an incredible mentor.


Alina, Novorossiysk Russia

I would like to thank Jessica for her amazing help with my essays for the scholarship.
She managed to organize my flood of information and ideas into a harmonious, concise, convincing essay. She also explained what was not necessary, and pushed my mind to look at the task from another side and make the arguments winning. 
She helped to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear :)



I adore speaking classes with Jessica because she is super friendly, fun to talk to, and always gives me positive feelings, which extremely increased my confidence and motivation. 

I highly recommend her incredible speaking lessons to all English learners who want to enhance your speaking proficiency in an effective and fun way.



I knew Jessica through the IELTS Energy Podcast. She is an energetic person often exciting my morning by listening to her podcast. Once I knew she had a new project, Honestly English, I followed her blog immediately.

At the end of last year, Jessica suggested that I have a break to escape from the massive IELTS practice. I joined her 4 weeks to Fluency course. At first, we spoke on Skype to talk about my job, my interests and my hobbies. Just a day after, Jessica sent me a study plan consisting of different movies, TV shows, songs, creative ideas and a book. Though I found some of them are not available in Hong Kong Netflix, she helped me to revise it quickly. I followed the plan strictly and I discovered my favourite TV show for this decade. I really am thankful for Jessica's suggestions. The Good Place made me so into it and nearly made me lose track of the study plan! This study plan brought me the enjoyment of English. After we talked four times during these weeks, Jessica noticed I was more relaxed and more willing to speak in English. Especially when I was in the examination mode, I always felt stressed in speaking English. Hopefully, this enjoyment will stay with me for the future exam and eventually I can say "I nailed it!".


The study plan is amazing. At the beginning of the first week, Jessica talked with me on skype. She listened to me. She identified what I want to improve, how much time I have everyday and what events and activities I am interested in.  And then she came out with a plan that specially made for me. It is very detailed plan. The plan told me what I need to do day by day. For example, what podcast I can  listen on my way to work. what topic I can talk with my colleagues to build connection to them. What TV or movie I can watch and what activity I can attend during the weekend. I really like her plan. In addition, the plan can be used multiple times. Not only for one month, you can repeat it after you finish your class with her. 

Every time I speak with Jessica on skype, I feel motivated. She is a very positive person and she is always trying to find out a way to help me improve my English. Can't wait to talk to her every time.

I highly recommend her 4 Weeks to Fluency course and her member classes every Friday. I really benefit a lot from these classes. It changed my view of learning English. I'm not just learning it but also using what I learned.