Honest Membership- Audio + Transcripts + Quizzes

Honest Membership- Audio + Transcripts + Quizzes

from 3.99

Do you want to understand more native English, in conversations, movies, or TV shows?

And be able to use this real English?

Every Friday, you’ll get an exclusive MP3 lesson with a transcript and a quiz.

The lesson includes:

  • “On this day in history”, explaining pop culture historical events that natives still talk about

  • Slang/idioms that natives use to talk about and reference these events

  • Further pop culture recommendations for you to consume on your weekend

  • A homework assignment for you to talk about to yourself or someone else to practice your speaking

  • An IELTS-style quiz to test your comprehension to focus on improving your listening skills for REAL English. It will also test you on the vocabulary you have learned in the lesson.

With these lessons, you can:

  • Listen while you commute, do laundry, and go about your life.

  • Use this lesson with or without transcripts to improve listening skills.

  • Learn more native, real vocabulary.

  • Practice your speaking skills, using the new vocabulary, at the end of every lesson.

  • Get special offers only available to Honest Members!

Learn what natives say.

Get what natives talk about.

Fit more honest English into your life.

Choose how many months you want- 1 month ($3.99), 2 months ($6.99), 4 months ($12.99) or 6 months ($19.99).

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