Honest Conversation with Jessica

Honest Conversation with Jessica


Do you want to speak English like a native speaker?

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In every honest conversation, you will improve your fluency, increase your confidence, and find new motivation to love learning English.

Jessica will not only help you improve natural English conversation, about a wide variety of topics, but will also give you personal recommendations for how you can keep improving, suiting activities to your life.

Each Skype session will be 30 minutes.

Find new motivation and inspiration in English!

Bera, from Turkey says:

“First of all, on a broad scale, I have gained a positively different perspective regarding English thanks to Jessica Beck.

Secondly, during our speaking sessions, her smiley face and helpful approach have constituted a magnificent impact on me to possess continuous enthusiasm for further study.

Additionally, the possession of sustainable positive sentiment has undoubtedly increased my level of self-reliance. Moreover, example vocabulary from popular culture has enabled me to easily keep them in my mind.

Lastly, thank you Jessica!! You’re an incredible mentor.”

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Do you want a real conversation in English?

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In these chats, we’ll talk about you, me and the world around us. I have endless curiosity about other people and their lives; plus, on the flip side, my life is an open book.

Gain confidence in yourself and your English, and get personalized pop culture recommendations so you can keep learning English honestly!

Stay motivated. Speak more English!