Peas in a Pod, and Other Positive Friendship Phrases

Today you’ll learn native English idioms to talk about friends and relationships.

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Vocabulary for Friends

Thank you to subscriber Rei for asking about this!

You’re the Batman to my Robin- said to an inseparable friend / loved one

You complete me- said to best friend or loved one (usually romantic in meaning)

This quote, along with ‘You had me at hello’, are from the 1996 movie Jerry Maguire, starring Tom Cruise. We still say these two lines a lot!

Like (two) peas in a pod- two people that are a lot alike

Have someone’s back- to support someone no matter what, even to stand up for them to others

Is there anyone I’m like two peas in a pod with? As far as humor, my best friend Meghan- we can joke and laugh for hours, and others think we’re ridiculous 

Comment on this video! Who are you two peas in a pod with?

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Pop Culture R&R

Broad City is a sitcom on Comedy Central about two female best friends in New York City, created by and starring Ilana Glazer and Abby Jacobson. It started out as a web series, then was discovered by Amy Poehler, who became it’s producer as it moved to TV. It began in 2014 and this year is its last season.

It’s definitely for adults, as the content matter may be considered rude, as the stories may be about anything from ditching work, to sex and drugs, but I absolutely love it. Laugh out loud funny, as the saying goes.

Here’s the Season 1 trailer: