Slang Phrases for Super Strong People

Today you’ll learn native vocabulary for people who exercise a bit too much.

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Slang for the Super Strong

Buff- 1. Super muscular 2. (in the buff) naked

This word usually means to polish something to make it look attractive, and, in the 1980’s, it started to mean ‘well-built’ as a slang word.

Ripped- 1. having big muscles 2. Really high on drugs or drunk

Yoked- very buff/ripped

Muscley (muscular)- having nice looking, strong muscles

Meathead- dumb gym rat

I certainly value physical fitness! I grew up playing sports, so I think I have a good muscle-memory. But, I still work out as much as I can (which, these days, isn’t as often as I would like!)

Comment on this video! Do you think super buff people are attractive? Do you want to be muscley?

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Pop Culture R&R

I love Arnold Schwarzenegger movies from the 1980’s- he was super ripped, his accent was thick, and he pulled off the best one-liners.

The movie The Running Man (1987) is the best example of Arnie at his prime. So many one liners! LIke, after he cuts a character called Buzzsaw in half with a chainsaw, someone asks him, ‘What happened to Buzzsaw?” And Arnie replies, “Aw, he had to split.” (It’s a pun!)

The movie is an action/sci-fi romp, in which Arnie is a wrongly convicted man, fighting for his life in a survival game show. Also, it’s based on a Stephen King story!

Here’s the trailer:

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