Feel 'Like a Boss' in English

Today you’ll learn phrases using the word ‘boss’ in English, plus a super intense TV show claiming this managerial word.

Who doesn’t want to feel like a boss?!

This phrase, ‘feel like a boss’, has taken on a new meaning in the 2000’s.

The main word, ‘boss’, came from Dutch, and has meant ‘the person in control’, usually at work, since the 1600’s.

However, hip-hop expanded the usage in the early 1990’s, as ‘like a boss’ began to mean ‘doing something extremely well with a lot of confidence’. source

(Origins similar to those of ‘basic’.)

Nonetheless, this term didn’t enter mainstream culture until 2009, when Andy Samberg’s musical comedy team, The Lonely Island, made a song and music video called Like a Boss, which was also featured on Saturday Night Live.

I’ll put the music video at the bottom of this post. (WARNING! CONTENT IS EXTREMELY ‘R RATED’!)

For a short time in the 1960’s and 1970’s, ‘boss’ was a slang adjective for ‘cool’.

Another way it is used today is in the term ‘boss fight’, which comes from video games.

This describes the battle or fight a player must have against the toughest character of the game or level. source

One last thing you need to know about this word is the adjective ‘bossy’. This is super common.

A person is ‘bossy’ if he/she tells other people what to do too much.

For example:

Some little girls can be really bossy, I’ve noticed, telling the other kids what to do and making all the rules for their games.

At this stage in my life, one of the characteristics I’m trying to manifest is feeling ‘like a boss’, and I actually focus on this while meditating sometimes.

For me, this means being in control of my life and future (as much as one can be!), overcoming self-doubt and baseless anxieties, and becoming my best self.

I hope you all reading this are feeling like a boss yourselves!


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Pop Culture R&R

There actually is a show called Boss, and it’s truly incredible, although very intense.

It stars Kelsey Grammar, best knows for his character Frasier, on the show Cheers, then later on his own show, also called Frasier.

While that character was comedic, Boss is definitely not a comedy!

It is a drama, in which Grammar plays the corrupt and pretty evil mayor of Chicago. It had 2 seasons, and came out in 2011.

It’s one of those shows where you may just forget to breathe, because you are so wrapped up in the high-stakes story and the impeccable performances. Binge this on your next day off!

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