Not Your Garden Variety Vocabulary- What to Say When You’re Bored

Today you’ll learn 5 slang phrases to describe our sometimes boringly average life.

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Vocabulary for Commonplace and Boring

Run of the mill- average; mediocre, not special in any way

Used figuratively since the 1700’s, it came from the description of the stuff the mill would grind out, before it was sorted for quality.

Garden variety- (same as run of the mill), common; ordinary

Originally, it described any plant that could be grown abundantly.

A real snoozefest- super boring

Snore!- comment when you hear/see something boring

Bored stiff- feeling very bored

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Pop Culture R&R

Today’s lesson was inspired by a cartoon, actually: Cupcake and Dino: General Services, season 2 episode 2, where they battle some pirates.

Cupcake and Dino is a fantastic animated series that my son loves, but is clever enough that I also find it super entertaining. It’s about a cupcake and a dinosaur who are brothers, and they do odd jobs, helping people and fighting crime. Season 1 came out last year, and season 2 is now available. You can watch in on Netflix and YouTube.

Here’s the super catchy theme song: