When Funky is Bad, and Not Saying Disco

Today you’ll learn about words related to ‘funky’, and how to talk about being cool in English.

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Funky Vocabulary

In the 1700’s, ‘funk’ was used to describe old, musty cheeses, and then it meant ‘repulsive’.

Then, in the 1900’s, it developed to mean something ‘cool’ in jazz slang. By the 1960’s, ‘funky’ had come to mean ‘cool and stylish’ in broadly accepted slang. source

Funky- cool and different; fashionable; offbeat

In a funk- depressed; down; not feeling (like) myself

Smells funky- smells gross; rank

Cool/chill- calm; relaxed; low-key; not a big deal

Disco- nightclub/music/style from the 1970’s

Clubbing- going to dance clubs

When I was 18, I moved to Spain, and discovered partying. Sure, I went to house parties in high school, but I was from a small town, Carson City, Nevada. Definitely no cool clubs!

Then, when I was in Madrid, I fell in love with dancing and going out. I aspired to be a cool clubber, and, at times, I succeeded. I can dance, for sure.

But, at heart, I am an introvert, and partying just isn’t my thing. Turning 30 allowed me to be true to myself and not feel the need to go out and ‘be cool’.

Now, I’m almost 40, and I still love dancing, but by myself or with my son at home!

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Pop Culture R&R

Last week, I rediscovered a oldie but a goodie, a blast from the past- Jamiroquai, a British funk and acid jazz band fronted by singer Jay Kay. (Acid jazz is a mixture of jazz and electronica music.)

They’re 1996 album, Travelling Without Moving, holds the Guinness World Record for the best-selling funk album in history.

This is a super funky album, with a lot of disco sounds. My favorite tracks to dance to are Cosmic Girl and High Times.

Here’s the video for Cosmic Girl:

. Here’s High Times:

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