Today’s Slang is SICK!

Today you’ll learn how natives talk about being sick or ill, and the perfect sick-day movie.

This week, Honest Members are learning about Euro Disney, teen movies that say a lot about you, and slang words to say/not say if someone is attractive.

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James and I were laid up this week with the flu. Totally the wrong time- I got hit with the worst of it on his birthday. I still try to take him to a Blazers game, which was a HUGE mistake!

Sick Slang, Yo

Sick- super cool; wicked (in a positive way)

Sicko- pervert

Cold/flu- a cold is in your head/chest, but a flu you feel all over

Sick as a dog- super sick

Ways to say ‘vomit’- throw up, hurl, spew, blow chunks, puke, barf

Queasy- nauseous

Woozy- queasy and/or dizzy

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Pop Culture R&R

When you’re sick, you just want to stay home, under the covers, and watch movies.

When I’m ill, I like watching sort of fluffy movies I don’t have to think about, like action flicks. That way, I don’t feel bad about falling asleep.

So, James and I took advantage of our sick day together and we watched the latest Transformer movie, Bumblebee.

I honestly wasn’t expecting a lot, but it was truly a good movie! It came out last year in 2018, and actually got great reviews.  The previous Transformer films were all Michael Bay joints- noisy, super actiony, and taking themselves too seriously. Not this one! It’s awesome!

It was directed by Travis Knight who has done more animating than directing, but is fantastic at both. He also directed Kubo and the Two Strings. Side note- he’s from Portland, and his dad is Phil Knight, co-founder of Nike. Whaaaat?! Yes.

Here’s one of the first scenes, when Bumblebee lands on Earth:

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