Dine Out on this Dinner Slang, or Go Splitsies

Today you’ll learn 5 slang and idiom phrases to use about dining and paying for dinner.

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Vocabulary For Dining

Dine out on- get people to pay for your food or drinks because of something special about you

Rain check- cancel plans and reschedule for another time; use with the verbs ‘take’ or ‘give’

Interestingly, this phrase comes from baseball in the 1880’s. If the game was rained out, or cancelled for another reason, a ticket holder could come back for another game. source

Pick up the check- pay the whole bill

Split the check / Splitsies- each person pays half of the bill, or a third, depending on how many in the party

Go dutch- each person pays for their own food and drinks

This dates back to the 1600’s when the Netherlands and England fought over trade and politics. The British used ‘Dutch’ negatively, to imply someone was stingy. source

This is a tricky situation in dating now- who will pay for the bill.

As a feminist, I do want to pay my own way, but, on the other hand, it’s really nice to be treated to a meal!

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Pop Culture R&R

The Doughboys is a podcast hosted by Nick Wiger and Mike Mitchell.

They review chain and fast food restaurants all over the States. A featured comedian guest is on every episode, and the best guest to look for is Jon Gabris, who often comes on their live shows.

There’s always a conversation at the beginning, sometimes a long one, then they talk about what they ate at the restaurant and review the whole experience. It’s not family friendly, however, as they do use bad words!

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