Go On, Have a Good Cry

Today you’ll learn the native language for talking about crying, healthy and otherwise, and tear-jerking pop culture.

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Lately, the universe has been challenging me a bit, and I needed a good cry.

I tend toward anxiety, and sometimes having a good cry fixes me right up.

Crying is good for us, you know, as it reduces stress. Plus, if you don’t cry, this is actually unhealthy! Here’s an article about the health benefits of crying.

And, in the Pop Culture R&R section today, I’ll recommend some stuff to help get those tears flowing ;)

Vocabulary for Crying

Sob, bawl- cry a lot

‘Bawl’ actually came to the English language from Old Norse, and it meant to ‘low like a cow’. source

Cry/Bawl my eyes out- cry a lot a lot

Blubber- cry and make lots of noise; cry messily

Ugly cry- make a very ugly face when you cry

Tearjerker- something that makes you cry, like a movie or a song

In speaking about feeling sad, please don’t say ‘feel blue’. No one says that!

Comment on this video! What makes you cry?

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Pop Culture R&R

First, I watched Punch Drunk Love, starring Adam Sandler in a very dramatic role, written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.

I’ve loved so many of his films, like Boogie Nights and Magnolia. Punch Drunk Love came after these, released in 2002.

It’s an awkward love story, about a highly anxious man named Barry Egan, who doesn’t know how to deal with the extreme emotions pent up inside. He meets Emily Watson, and a strange but delightful romance ensues.

I also watched an episode of Queer Eye on Netflix, because every single episode touches my heart and makes me cry. EVERY TIME!

Here’s the trailer for Punch Drunk Love:

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