Janky and Dodgy- Adjectives for Things that are ‘Off’

Today you’ll learn what natives say to describe things that just aren’t right, or ‘off’.

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You can describe something as ‘off’ if it’s not right in some way, like a strange person you met who may have a touch of crazy.

Food can also be ‘off’ if it is expired.

Vocabulary for Things that are ‘Off’

Janky- American slang to describe something of poor quality

Seedy- run down; shabby

Often used to describe places like dirty bars and dangerous areas.

We began using it slangily in the 1700’s, deriving it from describing plants that have ‘gone to seed’, or are no longer blooming.

Trashy- cheap and poor quality

We often use it to describe people and places.

Dodgy- possibly dangerous; janky; poor quality

Best used to describe situations, places or people.

We also just say ‘dodge’.

There are dodgy and seedy areas no matter where you go. Here in Portland, even, you’ll see certain areas have more homeless people or tweakers (watch my other video to learn about ‘tweakers’.)

Comment on this video! Tell me about something janky you bought, or a dodgy area in your city.

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Pop Culture R&R

If you want to understand what dodgy people and seedy bars are, look no further than the TV show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

It’s crude, crass and hilarious- definitely not one to watch with kids!

It started in 2005, and it centers on 4 friends who own a bar in Philly- Mac, Charlie, and siblings Dee and Dennis. They are egocentric and hell and their antics are unbelievable. Plus, it co-stars Danny DeVito as the father of Dee and Dennis.

Here’s a clip so you get the vibe of the show: