Don't Break Your Brain with Today's Vocabulary

Painful Vocabulary


Ouch/owie (Usually we just swear, like f$%^ me!)

Hurts like a b$%^

That smarts/kills



You’re literally breaking my brain right now

Don’t get all butthurt

Sticks and stones (may break my bones, but names will never hurt me)

Clumsiness runs in my family, so I do get hurt quite a bit, as does my son!

Comment on this video! Use one of today’s phrases in your own sentence. Tell me the last time you got hurt!

Pop Culture R&R

When I Googled ‘clumsy film characters’, one of the results was Navin R. Johnson in the 1979 classic comedy, The Jerk.

Steve Martin stars in the movie about a completely clueless man, who was raised in a black family in Mississippi, and thought he was also black. When he realizes he’s white, he leaves home to figure out who he is and gets a job at a gas station, and his insane life continues from there.

This film is endlessly quotable! Lines that I still quote are, “I’m somebody now!” when he sees his name in the phone book , and when he leaves his big mansion, he says, “I don’t need anything… except … this ashtray… and this paddlegame...the remote control… and this lamp.”

Here’s the phone book scene:

And the scene where he leaves home: