I Can’t Tell a Lie- These Idioms are Fabulous!

Today you’ll learn 6 idioms and slang phrases to talk about liars.

This week, Honest Members are learning about historical pop culture events involving Simpsons’ creator Matt Groening, and the most quoted lines from comedian Chris Farley.

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Idioms and Slang for Liars

You’re pulling my leg- you’re joking/lying

Although this is an old idiom, we still say it!

It is thought to originate with the hangings at Tyburn in England. To speed up the death, men were hired to hang on the victim’s legs. source

Stop yanking my chain- stop lying to me/joking with me

In the old West of the U.S., in the mines, there would be a bathroom on the tracks. Miners would carry a chain with them to attach the bathroom to something, because it was a common prank to push the bathroom down the track when someone was using it. source

Big, fat liar- You’re a liar!

Liar, liar, pants on fire- Little kid way to say someone is a liar.

I think your nose is growing- You’re lying (in reference to Pinocchio)

Get outta here- No way, I don’t believe you!

What Natives Say to Liars With Bad Words

That’s such bullshit

That’s a damn/fuckin’ lie

You’re blowing smoke up my ass

You’re full of shit

I really am a terrible liar. Even if I wanted to lie, my emotions are always so plain on my face, it would be impossible! I have a terrible ‘poker face’, as they say!

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Pop Culture R&R

If you’re one of my IELTS students, you’ve heard me talk about this!

A podcast that I’ve been listening to for ever and ever is an NPR comedy quiz show called Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.

3 comedians site down with host Peter Sagal to discuss the week’s news every weekend in front of a live studio audience. Especially in our current climate, there is abundant fodder for their jokes, to say the least.

Look for episodes with Paula Poundstone, a stand-up comedian. All the guests are hilarious, but she’s the best!

They have a segment called ‘Bluff the listener’, in which panelists tell them stories from the news- but only one of them is real.

I’ll put the link to this show on my site, honestlyenglish.com. https://www.npr.org/programs/wait-wait-dont-tell-me/ There’re also transcripts!

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