8 Rad Synonyms for ‘Cool’

Today you’ll learn 8 native slang phrases to say instead of ‘cool’.

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‘Cool’ may be one of the most common words that natives say.

Of course, the real definition relates to temperature, but it took on the modern slang sense of ‘fashionable’ in the 1930’s, originating in African American vernacular, more specifically in jazz circles.

Since it’s so common, we have tons of alternatives!

Interesting Slang for ‘Cool’




F$%#ing awesome

Sick (mentioned in a previous video)




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Pop Culture R&R

Soul Coughing was an alternative rock band in the 90’s, and no one else sounded like them. It was a mix of poetic lyrics, jazz, hip hop and noisy rock.

Their singer described their sound as ‘deep slacker jazz’. They were definitely cool.

They formed in New York in 1992, and broke up in 2000. Their biggest hit was called Super Bon Bon, from their 1996 record Irresistible Bliss. They had a couple more records, but this, in my opinion, is the best, and, in fact, I still listen to it sometimes!

I’ll put the music video, which is super duper 90’s, for this song on my site, honestlyenglish.com.