There’s No Mistake- This is Native Vocabulary!

Today you’ll learn 4 natural phrases that natives use to talk about mistakes.

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Native Vocabulary for Mistakes

Whiff- to completely miss something you are trying for; also to smell something

Swing and a miss- to try and fail

Off the mark- a little wrong; to try and not quite get it right

Go off the rails- completely lose it; start off in the right direction, and then completely go off course

We all make mistakes! Tell us about a time you had a swing and a miss in the comments section below!

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Pop Culture R&R

I recently binged a brand new show on Amazon Prime called The Boys. Super violent- just my kind of entertainment!

I recommend watching that if you’re at all into mature stories about super heroes. However, what I want you to do even more, is get into the graphic novel that it’s based on, also called The Boys, which ran from 2006 to 2008, by comic genius Garth Ennis, who also wrote Preacher

That was the very first graphic novel I read in college, and it hooked me on this medium for life.

Here’s a trailer of The Boys: