How to Walk it Back and Natively Concede

Today you’ll learn 5 fantastically native phrases for giving up.

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No one wants to give up, least of all me! For good or ill, I can really be stubborn. This can lead to arguments if it goes unchecked, but, on the upside, it lends itself to a strong work ethic!

Phrases for Giving Up

Walk something back- to change your ideas or argument, take your words or ideas back, or make your professed opinion less strong

Give in- ‘give in’ means you agree with someone when you previously didn’t want to, whereas ‘give up’ just means to stop trying

Throw in the towel- quit

(Say) uncle- give in, or ask someone to stop

When I was a kid, this was a common game. One person, like an older sibling, would wrestle you are try to test your strength in a painful way, and when you couldn’t take it anymore, you’d say ‘uncle’.

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Cave (in)- give in

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Pop Culture R&R

If you want an inspirational and heavy movie about not giving up, watch Whiplash from 2014. It’s about a jazz drummer who enrolls in prestigious music school, and is berated by his fantastically evil teacher.

The instructor is played by J.K. Simmons- even if you don’t recognize his name, you’ve definitely seen him before. In fact, he won the Oscar for best supporting actor for this role- he’s AMAZING.

It was directed by Damien Chazelle, who more recently did La La Land and First Man.

I LOVED this movie- it is incredibly powerful, and the drumming in it is miraculous to behold. Watch it- it will grab you and not let go.

Here’s one of the most intense, and famous, scenes from the movie:

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