‘Ditching’ School or Work, and Naughty Teen Pranks

Today you’ll learn to talk about ‘ditching’ school or work, and names for naughty American teenage pranks.

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‘Ditch’ Vocabulary, and Other Naughty Actions

Ditch school/work- not go to work/school when you’re supposed to

So, the word ‘ditch’ literally means a trench that is dug in the ground.

Then, in the 1800’s, it became a verb, to ‘throw something into a ditch’. Later that century, it became slang for ‘abandon’ or ‘leave’. source

Doorbell ditch- ring someone’s doorbell and run away

Ditch/scrap something- get rid of something


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“Let’s just ditch these plans and start over.”

Egg/toilet paper someone’s house- throw eggs at someone’s house, or hang toilet paper from their bushes and trees

Play hooky/skip school- ditch school

So, I know you’re asking yourself, did I ever ditch school?

Despite appearances, I was a good kid. I only ditched school once, and I even told my teacher and my mom that I was going to do it.

I was such a good student that my teacher said it was fine.

However, my teachers and parents were not aware that I did sneak out of the house, pretty much every time I had friends over. Yes, in middle school, we did egg people’s houses and toilet paper some residences.

At least I think I know all the tricks, so I’ll be able to preempt James from certain behaviors!

Comment on the video below! Did you ever ditch school or work? Why? What did you get up to? Was it worth it?

Pop Culture R&R

Ferris Bueller's Day Off is another 80’s classic from 1986, direction by John Hughes, who did my Pop Culture recommendation from last week as well. I told you- 80’s icon!

Ferris Bueller is a charismatic teen who ditches school and has madcap adventures. This movie is deeply embedded in our pop culture psyche, and is referenced to this day.

The most common quote is pretty simple. If you ever hear a native go, “Bueller, Bueller,” in that nasal tone, it’s from this movie, when his teacher is taking roll and he’s not there. We do this a lot sarcastically, to make fun of someone who might repeat a word or name is a funny tone.

Here’s the trailer:

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