What the Heck is Totes Magotes?

Today you’ll learn why natives say ‘totes magotes’ and ‘totes adorbs.’

You have, and will, definitely hear these phrases in TV shows and movies, especially comedies.

‘Totes’ is short for totally, and 'magotes' doesn’t mean anything!

Why ‘magotes’? Because it rhymes with ‘totes’, and it’s fun to say, like the phrase ‘easy peasy’.

The phrase ’totes magotes’ first appeared in the 2009 movie starring Paul Rudd, called I Love you Man. source

Now, ‘adorbs’ is short for adorable.

‘Adorbs’ first appears in the Urban Dictionary in 2011. source

By 2012, there were already numerous blogs and articles asking people to stop saying ‘totes’ and ‘adorbs’. 

Nevertheless, ‘adorbs’ did make it into the Oxford Dictionary online. source

Yes- I totes say ‘totes’. Usually in a joking way, but I definitely say it often with my friends.

Why? Because words are fun!

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