This Scene is EPIC

Have you heard native speakers say 'epic'?

Of course you have!

This adjective has come to mean amazingly super super awesomely great.

And, yes, that description is an exaggeration, but so is the word!

You see, we exaggerate in English A LOT, and the use of this adjective is proof.

The word actually comes from Latin, 'epicus'.

In the 1580's, this word was mainly used to describe a poem which was very long, composed about a heroic tale.

Later, in 1731, it came to mean grand and heroicsource

It is this meaning which is still contained in the usage of the word today.

So, surprisingly, although it sounds like slang in the modern usage, it has actually retained its meaning for centuries.

I use this adjective a lot actually! 

In fact, just tonight I had an epic meal. My best friend came over and cooked freshly caught salmon and farm-to-table asparagus, and I whipped up some garlic and olive oil pasta. 


Pop Culture R&R

My son and I are watching the Spider-Man movies by one of my favorite directors, Sam Raimi.

The first movie, which came out in 2002, really set the modern tone for Marvel movies, I believe, with it's humor, high-quality writing, incredible directing and performances, and, not least of all, the stunning effects and fight scenes.

I think of the word 'epic' associated with this movie because of the famous kissing scene, where spiderman is hanging upside down, and Mary Jane peels of half his mask and kisses him.

Watch the scene.

(My 7-year-old thinks it's gross, though!)

Also, you should know that Sam Raimi is really famous for directing cult classics, like The Evil Dead, from 1981. If you are at into campy horror, this movie is incredibly satisfying and utterly delightful. 

The star of The Evil Dead is actor Bruce Campbell, who has hilarious cameos in all three Raimi Spider-Man movies. I know this because we just watched them :)

Learn more English, honestly!