5 Crazy Slang Synonyms and My Celebrity Crush

Today you’ll find out 5 slangy synonyms for ‘crazy’, as well as learning who my celebrity crush is. You’ll be surprised!

Nuts- Started out as ‘nutty’, meaning crazy, in the 1840’s, and later became shortened to ‘nuts’.

In British English, they also call a crazy person ‘a nutter’.

Furthermore, you can also call someone a ‘nut job’ in American English, although this is considered a more aggressive, impolite term. source

Nuts’ is also a popular slang term for men’s testicles. Click here for an entertaining, and insightful, article about this term.  

Bonkers- It meant ‘slightly drunk’ in the 1940’s, then it entered British slang to mean ‘crazy’ in the following decade. source

Loony- This is the shortened form of ‘lunatic’, which is not slang, and means crazy person. source

I like to exaggerate this by not just saying ‘That’s loony’, but by saying ‘looney tunes’, as in the cartoons, like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. (My son reminded me about that one!)

Crackers- This one is not as common anymore as the others, but it is still used. It began to mean crazy, as opposed to talking about snacks, in 1928. source

Bananas- Started to mean ‘crazy’ in 1968. source

This is my favorite. Why? Because my celebrity crush says it on one of my favorite podcasts. More on that in a bit!

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When do native speakers use these?

These terms are constantly used as fun reactions to a variety of things- news stories, stories about things people said or did, or just as descriptive adjectives to spice up something you yourself are saying.

Like, “Did you read that Tweet from the president? He’s totally bonkers. Seriously, it’s nuts that the leader of the free world tweets. What a nut job.

Pop Culture R&R

Here it is, guys, my celebrity crush is Jason Mantzoukas.

You’ve might not heard of him. He’s a comedian, who is best known for co-hosting the podcast How Did This Get Made.

This show is all about bad movies, and it’s hilarious.

Three comedians talk about a bad film, breaking apart all it’s weird writing, questionable acting, plot holes, and just overall crappiness. Seriously, if you are into movies at all, you would dig this, even if you haven’t seen the films.

Click here to listen.

A recent episode I’d recommend is on the movie Ladybugs, which is about a boy who dresses like a girl to help a soccer team win.

I loved it when I was a kid, but, looking back, it is actually super misogynistic and a little bit disgusting in places. Click here to listen to this entertaining episode.

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