Be a Brilliant Genius With This Smart Slang

Today you’ll learn slang words we use instead of just saying the boring adjectivesmart’.

It’s funny how life works sometimes!

My YouTube video this week is about slang words natives use instead of saying ‘crazy’.

And, oddly enough, I just started watching a new series on Netflix last night called Maniac- which is another word used for an insane person!

This show is, in my humble opinion, genius.

Natives often use ‘genius’ like this- not as a noun describing an extremely intelligent person, but, rather, as an adjective for a very smart show, story, work of art, or idea.

Genius’ comes from Latin, actually, and it meant ‘to create or produce’. source

How else to natives describe a person or idea as smart?

An older idiom is to be ‘on the ball’. You may hear this in movies or TV made in the 90’s or before, and people today still say it!

A ‘whiz’, which is probably short for ‘wizard’ is also a cool word for a really smart or talented person, who is gifted in one specific area. source

I actually do use this one! For example, I could say, “Rowan is a whiz at math.”

One more fun way to say someone is super smart is just to call them ‘Einstein’.

This, though, is often used sarcastically.

For instance, if a friend says something quite dumb, you could respond, “Sure, Einstein. That’s ridiculous!


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Pop Culture R&R

Well, the new Netflix series Maniac, of course!

It’s genius!

The vibe of it totally appeases my need for sci-fi.

It takes place in an alternate reality, in which technology has developed in slightly different, perhaps more advanced, ways, but not to the benefit of society.

The style is stark- lots of neon and concrete, and signs in Japanese.

The appeal for me was immediate, as it hearkens back the look of the quintessential sci-fi movie, one which defined what the genre should look and feel like cinematically, Blade Runner, from 1982, directed by Ridley Scott.

Honestly, guys, one of the best films OF ALL TIME!

The sequel, Blade Runner 2049, was also genius. (And not just because it starred the always-easy-on-the-eyes Ryan Gosling.) This movie came out in 2017.

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