What #MeToo Means to Me (And Slang for Dirty Dudes)

Today you’ll learn about the #MeToo movement, some slang for bad dudes, and get 2 marvelous comic book recommendations.

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It’s not a woman thing, or a man thing, it’s a people thing.

The ‘Me Too’ movement was actually coined in 2006, by Tarana Burke, a survivor of sexual assault, who wanted to help other survivors.

Most people think it started in 2017, however. In October of that year, actress Ashley Judd accused movie mogul Harvey Weinstein of harassment. Ten days later, actress Alyssa Milano used it in a tweet, and the hashtag went viral. source

Now, what slang words do natives use to describe the types of men that #MeToo is about?

A ‘perv’, short for pervert, is someone who shows sexual behavior that is strange and unpleasant. For instance, a guy trying to look down a woman’s shirt. source

Creep’ can be used the same way. source

A ‘monster’, however, is someone beyond a creep or a perv, who physically assaults others.

On a personal note, I’m not going to share any super dark tales, but I can tell you about the lighter forms of gender bias that every woman has experienced.

On my other YouTube channel with 40,000 subscribers, IELTS Energy, most of the comments are super positive, asking questions about test prep and language, but there are a good number that only comment on my looks- some good, some not so good, and some asking if I’m a man or a woman, or commanding me to grow my hair out.

Do you think a male teacher would have that same proportion of comments? It’s a fact that in most societies, men feel free to judge women based on their appearance, even shouting comments at them in public. Do you see women doing that? No.

Those are the lighter stories. Every woman I know has a darker #MeToo experience.

I am very fortunate- I’m lucky to know so many amazing women- lots of single moms, but also not single moms and not moms at all- they are growing, developing as people (besides being a wife and/or mother)- even though it may be really tough, and no one told them to.

Comment on this article if you know a strong woman like this! Tell us about her.

Pop Culture R&R

Captain Marvel- She’s not a superhero because she acts like a man. She is feminine, has feelings and can be vulnerable, as a human, and she’s still the strongest superhero in the Marvel universe. Hence, spoiler, her band appeared at the end of Infinity War.

Ms. Marvel- This series is amazing- for teens and adults. It’s about an American teen child of Pakistani immigrants. She is discovering her identity and her superpowers. Again, her unique journey as a teen, a second-generation American, and as a girl are all  part of her strength, in how she looks at the world and deals with problems.

On this blog, look for 4 Bad Words for ‘Bad Women’ (And Maybe 1 for Men). You’ll definitely hear this language in movies and TV shows. Also in that article I recommend the podcast Unladylike.

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