'Yoga Hosers' is Not Basic

Today you’ll learn how to use the trendy adjective ‘basic’, and why you should watch Yoga Hosers.

In the YouTube video for this week, I recommend watching the movie Clerks.

That video is called ‘You Should Say ‘Real Good’, For Reals’. Watch that to learn more about Clerks!

After researching the director of that flick, Kevin Smith, I noticed that he had released a recent movie in 2016 called Yoga Hosers.

And it’s on Netflix!

Before getting to the term ‘basic’, let me share some trivia about this incredibly campy romp of a film.

Firstly, I loved it. It’s right up my alley- cheesy horror and lots of jokes, gore, silly accents. It’s ridiculous, and ridiculously fun.

It also stars Johnny Depp! His daughter also stars, alongside Kevin Smith’s daughter.

The accents in the film are stereotypical, exaggerated Canadian accents, like saying ‘aboot’ instead of about, and adding ‘eh’ at the ends of statements.

(On a language note, ‘hoser’ is an informal slur to call someone in Canada, and became popular in the 1980’s from a sketch show called SCTV. source)

The teenage girls who carry the movie, Colleen M. and Colleen C., use the adjective ‘basic’ all the time.

What is this new trendy usage?

Basic, traditionally is an adjective, and it means a foundation, a starting point.

However, today, it’s morphed into having a negative connotation, describing a person who is not interesting at all, having no unique thoughts or qualities.

I’ve only started hearing this used often in the past few years, but the first entry in Urban Dictionary for this usage is in 2013. source

It is said to have been taken from the world of hip hop, and been turned into an insult by white girls that they use to describe other white girls, who just follow the crowd and don’t think for themselves. source

I, myself, do not use this term at all, as it is laced with such aggressive dislike. However, you will hear it on TV, in movies and in music.

Now, go watch Yoga Hosers and have a good time!

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