Be On the Ball With These Active Idioms

Today you’ll learn 4 active idioms for describing your life, and my favorite sports movie from 1992.

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Check out the blog article this week, with idioms with the word ‘seal’, like ‘break the seal’. I can promise you, even if you think you know what that means, you don’t! (There’s also a classic Stevie Wonder song for you to listen to!)

I’m planning a super special bonus for Christmas- stay tuned to this channel!

Active Idioms!

On the ball- to be in command of all your abilities and using them very well; to have full control of your mental faculties

So, for instance, if you’re at work at a coworker says, “Oh no! Did we remember to send out that promotion?” You can reply, “Don’t worry- I scheduled it last week, and it was sent out this morning.” Then, your impressed colleague would say, “Wow, thanks for being so on the ball.”

This phrase actually originated in the 1800’s, and it comes from the sports advice, “Keep your eye on the ball”. source

On a roll- having continuous good luck or success

For instance, I’ve been having a lot of really effective IELTS classes lately, so I could say I’m on a roll with teaching!

This idiom originates in gambling, describing people who keep rolling the dice and keep winning. It came into its modern usage in the 1970’s. source

On a kick- in a phase of being interested in a particular thing

I’m on a documentary kick right now- I’ve been watching a lot of them interesting, and that’s all I feel like watching!

Going for it- giving 100% effort, or starting something that you might not want to do

If you’re watching a soccer game, and one player is playing with more energy and determination than you’ve ever seen, you could say, “Wow, he’s really going for it!”

As to the second meaning, say you want to ask someone out on a date, but you’ve been too nervous to do so. You’re friend can encourage you by saying, “Just go for it!”

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Pop Culture R&R

One of the best sports movies of all time is A League of Their Own, and the cast is stellar. Tom Hanks, who some call the Mayor of Hollywood, stars as a down on his luck baseball coach, tasked with coaching a female baseball team.

Here’s a cool article about Tom Hanks, the Mayor of Hollywood.

This is one of the earliest notable vehicles for a mostly female cast, featuring Geena Davis and Madonna, among others.

The most famous line from this movie that you’ll hear natives quote is, “There’s no crying in baseball!”

Here’s the scene:

Happy holidays!