How to Impressively Describe Your Headache (Happy New Year!)

Today you’ll learn 6 descriptive English phrases for describing your headache.

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Weather you party it up on New Year’s Eve or not, we all get headaches.

Sometimes, even if you don’t have one, you can say you do, as an excuse!

So, if you’re trying to get out of work, a personal obligation, or your head really, actually does hurt, here’s what you say in English.

6 Phrases for Impressively Describing Headaches

throbbing- ‘throb’ means to beat or pulse steadily, as your head seems to physically BOOM with your heart beat

pounding- ‘pound’ means to hit or throb, so, it’s used the same as above, as if your brain is hitting your skill as your heart beats

“Man, my head is throbbing/pounding. I can’t get out of bed.”

splitting headache- a headache that feels like your skull will split open

“I have a splitting headache. I just want to lay down.”

killing me- As seen above, exaggerating in English is central to our communication!

“My head is killing me. Do you have any aspirin?”

feels like my brain is too big for my head- You can understand that sentiment!

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migraine- A migraine is a real medical condition, and some people are prone to these, necessitating medication.

Migraines are extreme headaches, making the sufferer sensitive to light and sound, and nauseous at times.

Pop Culture R&R

Staying home sick, or hungover, is the perfect excuse to binge a TV series!

Although I usually veer toward the violent, loud and/or scary shows, I’m going to recommend something softer today for a more sensitive state.

The Great British Bake Off, A.K.A The Great British Baking Show in the U.S., is a lovely, delightful and surprisingly engaging reality show from the UK.

First off, the accents and tones of voice are soothing, and everyone, from contestant to judge, is really nice!

For the first few seasons, Sue Perkins was the host- that’s when it was at it’ best, in my view. Although still ‘nice’, Perkins brought a wit and an edge to the show that made it even more entertaining.

Happy New Year!