These Idioms Are Signed, Sealed, Delivered... They’re Yours!

Today you’ll learn some super interesting and native idioms, all with the word ‘seal’.

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The whole inspiration for today’s post stemmed from one idiom- ‘break the seal’.

I’ve always thought it was kind of a gross and impolite idiom (you’ll find out why below), and I do not use it. However, many other native speakers do!

But, with language, you know you’re not only learning it to produce it, you also want to understand what natives are saying around you, or in films and TV.

So, read on for some very native a useful phrases!

Idioms with ‘Seal’

Break the seal- the first time one has to pee since starting to drink alcohol

Alcohol generally makes people use the bathroom frequently. It is an urban myth that once you ‘break the seal’, you’ll just have to pee a lot more frequently from then on, while drinking.

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So, you could say, “Sorry, guys. Gotta break the seal”, before you go to the bathroom.

Seal the deal- to finalize an agreement or decision

For example, if want to buy a new TV, and the seller finally says they’ll give you free speakers if you buy it, you could say, “Well, that seals the deal! I’ll take it.”

My lips are sealed- you won’t tell anybody certain information

You say this to someone after hearing a secret that they don’t want you to share.

Signed, sealed, delivered- a contract has literally been signed and delivered

I’m including it, though, because it has become an idiom meaning a deal is certain and finished, due to this famous song by Stevie Wonder:

Pop Culture R&R

When I think of the first idiom mentioned today, I, obviously, think of people drinking in bars, or at house parties.

One of the most popular and enduring sitcoms in American culture is the show Cheers, which was on air from 1982 to 1993.

Although it’s old, and I wasn’t even old enough to enjoy it when it was actually on TV, this has become one of my pop culture comfort foods.

The cast is awash in stars, such as Ted Danson, currently in The Good Place, a current fav of mine, and Woody Harrelson, who has starred of countless incredible movies- one of my favorites being Natural Born Killers.

The show sounds basic- just about a group of people that hang out at the same bar, but the depth of characters and plot lines, coupled with innovative themes and writing, not to mention award-winning performances, has made this a mainstay of pop culture to this day.

All seasons are currently on Netflix.

Finally, here is the Cheers theme song, which pretty much every native speaker knows by heart: