The Gift of Gab and Christmas Pressies

Merry Christmas!

As this is the day many of us look forward to all year, when we get gifts and presents from our loved ones and Santa, let’s look learn some themed vocabulary!

“Santa” brought James a Nintendo Switch this morning, a present he’s been asking for all year. So, after going to my brother’s house for some homemade cinnamon rolls, I’m pretty sure James and I will be battling it out in Mario Kart 8 for much of the afternoon!

Native Phrases With ‘Gift’

gift of gab- the ability to talk a lot, fluently and eloquently

(Interestingly, ‘gaboriginally meant to talk foolishly! source)

“Hank certainly has the gift of gab. He can talk anyone into anything!”

has a gift for something- is naturally good at something (can be used sarcastically as well- see below!)

english gift vocabulary.jpg

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“I have a gift for choosing bad movies. Never let me pick what we’ll see at the movie theater!”

God’s gift to women- sarcastic description of an arrogant man who thinks all ladies should love him

“Yeah, Mark thinks he’s god’s gift to women. Funny that he can never keep a girlfriend for more than a couple days, though!”

Additional ‘Present’ Themed Vocab.

pressie- shortened from of ‘present’

This is mainly a feature of Australian English- shortening words and adding ‘-ie’ at the end.

For example, when I was living in Cambodia, I worked at an Australian school. One of my coworkers, an Aussie (See! There it is again!), said to me, “Aw! You’re eatin’ a croissie for brekkie!” It took me a second, but I realized he was merely commenting on my eating a croissant for breakfast that day.

swag- free stuff you may get at an event, but can also be used to describe all the stuff you get on Christmas or your birthday

“Check out this swag! What a haul this year! I got all the stuff I wanted.”

stocking stuffers- all the little gifts you put in Christmas stockings

Pop Culture R&R

The Gift is an awesome thriller from 2014 starring Jason Bateman, in which the lives of a married couple get mysteriously turned upside down when an old friend of the husband’s enters their world.

One reason I love this film is simply because I adore everything Jason Bateman does. He’s one of those actors who has fantastic comic chops (see Arrested Development), as well as dramatic talent. I often think comedians with range are the best in dramas, as they bring a different timing to their performances than other straight, ‘classic’ actors.

What did you get for Christmas this year?

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