Why We Say ‘Dude’, Friendly Phrases, and a Christmas Bonus!

Today you’ll learn about the word ‘dude’, more vocabulary for friends, and a man we call ‘The Dude’.

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Phrases to call your friends, in English

Dude- used to mean ‘guy’, but today used to informally refer, directly or indirectly, to a person

This came from the song ‘Yankee Doodle’. So, a ‘yankee doodle’, was a man who cared too much about his appearance. (The history of the song itself, from the Revolutionary War, is fantastic.)

So, in the 1800’s, ‘doodle’ was shortened to ‘dude’, and then became a way to mock so-called city slickers who would go out west; hence, the term ‘dude ranch’.

In the 1960’s, it started to refer to any man, and, today, many people use it informally, regardless of gender. source

I say ‘dude’ all the time! Doesn’t matter if it’s a girl or boy, or if I know them or not.

I use it when surprised, like ‘Dude! No way!’, or slightly disappointed but still light-hearted, like, ‘Dude! Why didn’t you finish your lunch?” (Yes, I call my son ‘dude’.)

Bro- shortened form of ‘brother’, to refer to a friend or sibling; only for boys

Bruh- surfer way to say ‘bro’

Brother/sister from another mother- refers to a friend that is so close, they are like your sibling

Homie- 1970’s slang, short for ‘homeboy

No one really says this anymore, but it was popular through the 90’s.

Comment! Tell us about your brother or sister from another mother, and how you met them!

Pop Culture R&R

The Big Lebowski is a Coen brothers film from 1998. It’s such a cult classic, that many native speakers still quote!

One famous quote is, ‘That rug really tied the room together’, talking about a rug in his home that a bad guy urinated on.

My favorite, though, is ‘Nobody fucks with the Jesus’, said threateningly by their bowling rival, played hilariously by John Turturro.

The main character, simply called The Dude, is played by Jeff Bridges, and he is an unemployed, pot-smoking bowler, who finds himself amidst a criminal conspiracy.

Funnily enough, I taught in Taiwan with one dude, who dressed up as The Dude for Halloween, in a bathrobe and everything. He also was selling drugs out of the pockets of his bathrobe. I would not call him friend of mine, but I did think it was quite funny.

In this scene, you see the dude introduce himself:

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