Lovers, 'Friends with Benefits', and Hot Tubs

Today you’ll learn what ‘friends with benefits’ means, more phrases for your lover, and see a hilariously memorable sketch from Saturday Night Live.

Everyone talks about the person they are intimate with, or who they want to have those relations with.

However, there are many categories of romantic connections today, beyond just ‘boyfriend/girlfriend’.

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Words/Phrases for Your Romantic Connection-

Friends with benefits- a friend who you also have sex with, but are not technically ‘dating’

You know, I’ve never had this! However, some people do, and it certainly is an idea you hear a lot in pop culture.

Lover- a classier term for the person you are having sex with, but might not define as a ‘relationship’

Spouse- formal word for husband or wife

Your person- the one you are meant to be with

Yes, this is a thing we say! Like, “I know my person is out there. I just haven’t found him yet!”

Partner- the person you have a serious relationship with

This is used these days instead of husband/wife or long-term boyfriend/girlfriend, because it is gender neutral.

When people say it in the States, it may be assumed it is a homosexual relationship, but, honestly, a lot of people use this today who are straight as arrows.

In Australia, however, ‘partner’ is the accepted way to refer to your significant other.

This term has gained popularity as men and women have become equals in the relationship, as in ‘partners’ in their life.

Significant other- formal way of referring to your partner

Fling- very short-term relationship, mostly based on sex

Pop Culture R&R

In my teens, I regularly watched Saturday Night Live.

For me, this was its heyday, when Will Ferrell was on it! (Read this post for more Will Ferrell recommendations!)

The following sketch still comes back to me, and it pops up in conversations about dating- mainly because of the way Drew Barrymore and the others say ‘lover’ and ‘hot tub’, but also because Jimmy Fallon has a tough time not laughing.

It’s hilarious!