Don’t Be Spaced-Out and Flaky in English

Today you’ll learn 6 interesting slang and idiomatic phrases for people who are ‘spaced-out’.

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Spaced-Out Vocabulary

Spacey- (adj.) a person who is often not focused, whose mind is elsewhere

This came from American slang in the 1960’s, ‘spaced-out’, to describe the behavior or attitude of someone on hallucinogens, or drugs that make you hallucinate, like acid or LSD. source

Space out- (v.) to not pay attention or focus on present surroundings, such as if one were daydreaming

The origins are above, but it doesn’t describe drugged behavior anymore! It’s for anyone who zones out, at any time.

Out to lunch- (adj.) idiom- negligent, not paying attention, and a little bit on the crazy side

This is a bit older, but people still say it.

You must have been out to lunch when you wrote this essay. It doesn’t make any sense!

Flaky/flake (out)- ‘flaky’ is an adjective for someone who is often forgetful, and ‘flake out’ is the phrasal verb for forgetting, especially a meeting with a friend

I’m so sorry, I totally flaked on lunch yesterday. I went to the gym and just forgot.

Scatterbrained- (adj.) unorganized and forgetful source

Harebrained- (adj.) foolish (Usually used in the phrase ‘a harebrained scheme’ to describe a stupid plan.)

The last two phrases, honestly, I’ve mostly just heard in movies!

The most common phrase from today that I use, and hear used, is ‘flake’, especially in the verb form.

In fact, I heard on a podcast recently that L.A. is the only place where saying ‘I flaked’ is a valid, acceptable excuse. Take that for what you will, as to what it says about Southern California lifestyle and attitudes!

Comment time!

How do you feel when people flake on you?

I used to really get upset when people flaked on me to be honest, as if my time were more important than other people’s.

These days, though, I try not to freak out about it! It’s not the end of the world, and you never know what another person is experiencing!

Pop Culture R&R

Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion is a comedy flick that came out in 1997, starring Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow.

It’s about 2 best friends from high school who are going to their 10-year reunion, and seem sort of spacey as they’ve not been very successful in life.

At its core, this is a movie about loving relationships and being true to oneself, and I highly recommend it!

Here’s the trailer: