Savory Slang for Eating (Gobble Gobble!)

Today you’ll learn 6 slang phrases for eating, and a delicious indie pop culture review and recommendation.

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If you’re watching this on the day the video was published, it’s Thanksgiving here in America!

We also call it ‘Turkey Day’, to be a little more informal.

Now, in English, we also call the sound turkey’s make ‘gobble’.

This is very informal slang, but it’s actually been around since 1600, when it meant to ‘eat greedily and quickly’, and only a bit later in the 1600’s did it come to signify the turkey sound. source

Interestingly, ‘gob’ is also British slang for ‘mouth’.

We have so many slang phrases for eating, though!

Scarf (down)- same as meaning as ‘gobble’; slang since 1960 source

Chow (down)- eat; also, in noun form, it can be slang for ‘food’

Inhale- technically this means ‘breathe’, but can be metaphorically use to mean ‘eat very quickly’

Grub- slang, noun for ‘food’; also the name of a popular food delivery app now, Grubhub

Garbage disposal- the part of your sink that grinds up the leftovers; metaphorically, this is the person that eats large amounts, even finishing other people’s meals

I definitely use all of today’s phrases, because I love to eat! Sometimes, I think that’s the only reason I exercise so much!

Comment! Use today’s phrases and tell us what you love to scarf down!

Pop Culture R&R

The movie Chef was released in 2014*, and, for me, marked Jon Favreau’s successful return to the land of indie films. Favreau wrote, directed and starred in this fantastic film.

It’s about, well, a chef, who quits his job to open a food truck, and is accompanied by his young son.

There’s funny bits for sure, but, mainly, it’s about love- of family, friends and food. It’s gorgeous.

*I say 2004 in the video by mistake!

Here’s the trailer:

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