Holy Sh**! It's a Video Lesson!

Today’s blog is a vlog!

In this lesson, you’ll learn 4 phrases with the word ‘holy’- and three of them include swear words.

Pay attention to my stress and intonation, and try to mimic my pronunciation!

holy shit.jpg

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4 ‘Holy’ Swears in English

(You can say these when you are badly surprised, pleasantly surprised, or frustrated. These are just great to say when you are emotional, and you don’t know what else to say!

Watch the video and mimic my stress and intonation for each phrase.

  • Holy shit

  • Holy fuck

  • Holy shitballs

  • Holy cow

Pop Culture R&R

On this religious theme, I thought of one of the most beautiful songs of all time, Hallelujah, sung by Jeff Buckley.

It was written by Leonard Cohen.

Jeff Buckley’s version came out in 1994, on his album, Grace.

He was quickly and critically hailed as phenomenally talented. Sadly, he died of accidental drowning in 1997.

As he was a rock star, many assumed it was due to drugs, but there were none found in his system.

However, if you’re interested in hearing stories about other crazy rock ‘n rollers living that kind of life and experiencing the tragedy and chaos that go with it, listen the podcast Disgraceland.

Finally, here’s the video of Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah. Enjoy!