7 Fun Vocabulary Phrases About ‘Balls’ (Cue Laughter...)

Today you’ll learn idioms and slang phrases using the word ‘balls’ in English. Come on. They’re hilarious.

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Stick with it and watch the whole thing to the end! Commit yourself to learning for the next 8 minutes. Take this time for your better self.

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Don’t forget to check out my blog article this week- 10 Euphemisms for ‘Sex’. Euphemisms are words or phrases we use to indirectly express or refer to things we don’t want to say outright. I can promise you, you’ve heard this vocabulary before in pop culture, even if you didn’t realize what it meant.

Yes, that article, and some of today’s phrases, are decidedly not ‘family-friendly’, but I’ve hired my son to do one video a month with vocabulary and pop culture for all ages!

Balls- This is slang for a man’s testicles. source We also say ‘nuts’.

Ballsy- Although ‘balls’ has referred to testicles since the 14th century, the term came to mean ‘brave’ or ‘courageous’ in the 1920’s. So, if someone does a brave thing, you can say they are ‘ballsy’, regardless of gender.

A baller move- This is pretty current. A ‘baller’ originally just referred to people who played basketball, then changed to describe someone who was successful, though they began at a low station in life, and hustled their way to the top. source


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So, if someone does something courageous, in order to improve their situation in life, even if it is a kind of stupid move, you could use this slang phrase.

Balls to the wall- This phrase comes from World War II, referring to the ball that is on the airplane throttle. If you push it all the way forward, you get full speed. We use it today to describe someone who is completely ‘going for it’.

Like, ‘Guys, this is your last game. I want you to go balls to the wall, and give it everything you’ve got!

Ball-breaker- Starting in the 1970’s, this idiom described a dominating woman who controlled a man.

However, today, it’s used to describe something or someone that is tough on you or trying to control you.

Like, ‘My boss is breaking my balls lately. He’s given me enough work for a month, and wants it done by Friday!’

Amazeballs- Natives just add the word ‘balls’ to other words, all over the place. You may have heard me say ‘bonker balls’before. ‘Amazeballs’ just means ‘super amazing’.

Goofball- In the 1930’s, apparently this was slang for drugs. But, since the 1950’s, it just describes a silly person.

Do I use these terms? For sure. For some reason, the word ‘balls’ is just fun to say, although it is considered impolite by some people. We even say stuff like , ‘It’s hot as balls out here’.

Your turn to use today’s terms!

Comment below with your own sentence using something you’ve learned today!

Pop Culture R&R

My favorite, favorite TV show of all time and forever is Supernatural. It’s been on for 13 years, and I’ve watched every single episode.

It’s about two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, who basically save the world from supernatural disaster every season.

One of the thing I love about it (besides just watching Dean do ANYTHING), is that every 3 or 4 episodes, they do one goofy one that branches off a bit from the main dramatic story.

My favorite is season 6, episode 15, called The French Mistake, where the brothers get sent to an alternate dimension, where their lives are actually a TV show. You just have to watch it to understand how funny it is!

Here’s a scene:

A main character, Bobby, in the earlier season, says ‘balls’ all the time, instead of swearing.

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