Vocabulary for Fancy Clothes, Looking Spiffy, and Vivid Vampires

Today you’ll learn fantastic vocabulary for looking fabulous, and find out about stylish vampires in pop culture.

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Who doesn’t enjoy looking fabulous?!

Since Halloween is next week, today we’re looking at vocabulary about dressing up. You won’t only use this for costumes, though!

Use this vocabulary to describe yourself and others, and create more positivity in the world. Give more compliments!

Dress up- This phrasal verb for wearing nice, fancy clothes, has been with us since 1865. source

Look spiffy- ‘Spiffy’ is an older slang word for looking nice, around since 1853.

While researching, I also discovered a word which is not used anymore- ‘spifflicated’, which at one time was slang for ‘drunk’. I’m just sharing it because it’s a super fun word. source

Look smart- This slang does not refer to one’s intelligence. Instead, it’s slang for looking nice, or we also say ‘sharp’. These are older slang words, but still used today sometimes.

Decked out- This fantastic idiom is interesting. It means to wear one’s nicest clothes, and is said to have originated from the word ‘decorate’.

This information comes from a super interesting article called ‘12 Sayings We Grew Up With and Why We Use Them’.

Fancy dress party- This is British English for a costume party- a get together where people dress up in costumes, not just fancy clothes. In America we just say costume party.

Have one’s birthday suit on- I love this saying so much! It’s a euphemism for being naked. You can figure that one out.

Rock something- Use this to when you look good in something, or carry off something well, especially a more unique or daring style

“Oooh, Terry’s rocking the leather pants today. He looks rad!”

Comment on a person who has a style you enjoy. Use some vocabulary from today.

Then, tell that person. Try to give a new person a compliment every day this week!

dress up.jpg

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Pop Culture R&R

Vampires. Who doesn’t love vampires! They’re beautiful, sexy, immortal, dangerous… they’re the original rock stars.

One of my favorite vampires is Tilda Swinton in Only Lovers Left Alive, by the creative genius of a director Jim Jarmusch. If you love beautiful, interesting indie movies, this is for you. Plus, the soundtracks to his movies are always epic.

It also stars Tom Hiddleston, who I’m also in love with.

Here’s the trailer:

The fifth season of American Horror Story, called American Horror Story Hotel, has another gorgeous vampire- Lady Gaga. That’s the first time I saw her act, and her performance is breathtaking.

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