Be Thrilled About English (And Funky Werewolves)

Today you’ll learn 5 ways to express your extreme excitement in English, and see a thrilling, iconic music video.

Native speakers like to exaggerate. A lot.

So, if I’m excited about something, I don’t just say “I’m excited.” That’s boring as heck!

Instead, I use one of the following phrases.

You should use them as well, to jazz up your language and get fired up about English!

thrilled- ‘Thrill’ came to be synonymous with excitement way back in the 1590’s. It is not slang. source

Today, one says “I’m thrilled” to use a more extreme word than ‘excited’. It actually sounds a bit high-level and fancy, but can be used in informal situations as well.

(super) stoked- This is my favorite slang word for excited, and I say it constantly!

It entered the language via surfers in the 1960’s. source

1000 times yes- If someone invites you to do something awesome, don’t just say ‘yes. Say, “A thousand times yes!

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raring to go- This is an old idiom, but it is still used, to describe when someone is eagerly ready to begin something.

It actually comes from the idea of a horse standing on it’s back legs when excited. source

psyched- I say this a lot too, actually. It’s slang for ‘very excited’. Some people also say, “pumped up.

This became common slang in the 1960’s. source

Examples? My pleasure!

Right now, I’m super stoked for soccer season to end. You know how psyched I am about the game and all, but I’m also stoked to have fewer things on my schedule.

James is old enough to go snowboarding now, so, as soon as it snows, we’ll be raring to go. He could not be more thrilled!

Pop Culture R&R

Because we’re near Halloween, I’m psyched to bring you one of the most iconic music videos of all time, Thriller! By none other than the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson.

It’s a 14-minute horror-themed video, and was MTV’s first world premier video, coming out in 1983.


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