My Favorite Pop Culture References in Deadpool 2

Today you’ll learn how to laugh more while watching Deadpool 2, and learn what my first graphic novel was.

Are you into Marvel movies?

I hope so!

If you are, then you must have seen Deadpool and Deadpool 2.

This tough thing about Deadpool, though, for non-native speakers, is there are SO MANY pop culture references that you might miss.

If you see this with native speakers, that means they’ll be laughing and you won’t be, because you won’t understand the joke.

Click here for an article about 58 pop culture references in Deadpool 2.

I have 3 favorites, and I’ll explain why they’re important, and what you can learn from them.

Reference #1: “Gimme your best shot, One-Eyed Willy

Deadpool says this to Cable, played by actor Josh Brolin.

Josh Brolin’s breakout role, when he was only a teenager, was in the movie The Goonies, from 1985.

This is another movie that is such a classic, and holds a dear place in many a native speaker’s heart. (Interestingly, it was filmed in Astoria, Oregon, not far from Portland!)


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This flick is one of those classic tales where a group of kids bands together to save something- in this case, the home of Josh Brolin and his little brother.

They’re looking for the hidden treasure of a pirate, One-Eyed Willy.

Reference #2: “Thanos

Deadpool also later refers to Cable as Thanos.

That’s because Josh Brolin also plays Thanos in the recent Avengers movies.

Reference #3: (Deadpool holds up his phone with the screen appearing like a boombox, playing the song In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel.)

When Deadpool is going back to the X-Men house, asking Colossus to forgive him, he stands outside the house, holding up his phone.

His phone’s screen looks like a boombox, and it’s playing In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel.

This is referencing the most famous scene in 1989’s classic romance Say Anything, starring John Cusack.

You’d be amazed at how often this one scene has been mimicked and referenced in pop culture!

Pop Culture R&R

Now, I didn’t get into comics until I was in university.

The first graphic novel series I got into, thus establishing a life-long nerdy passion, was Preacher.

The series is from writer Garth Ennis, who has won numerous awards, and gone on to pen many other successful, famous comic series.

Preacher is now also a TV show, which I’ve heard is good. (I haven’t watched it yet, though, for fear of ruining one of my great loves.)

Choose one of today’s referenced movies, and watch it!

Then, come back to this post, and leave your own review on your slice of pop culture.

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