4 Star Trek Idioms, Mad Murdock, and Mr. T

Today you’ll learn famous Star Trek quotes that have become idioms, and find out about some iconic 80’s pop culture.

Stay for the Pop Culture R&R at the end and I’ll recommend one of my favorite Star Trek episodes. Even if you’re not a sci-fi fan, you will appreciate this for sure!

I’m just gonna say it. I love Star Trek more than Star Wars. To be even more honest, I’m mostly a fan of Star Trek the Next Generation- a huuuge fan.

Star Trek is based on diplomacy- they’re exploring new worlds and uniting, whereas Star Wars is about fighting.

If you disagree, leave a comment!

Plus, Star Trek is diverse. In fact, on the original Star Trek show, TV’s first interracial kiss occurred, in 1968. Read the article about the kiss.

Peace and diversity- couldn’t we use more of that in the world?

But I digress. More on Star Trek later, and I’ll recommend my favorite episode. You can dip into the world and see if you like it!

Most Famous Star Trek Quotes

All of these quotes have been uttered thousands of times, in a wide variety of movies, TV shows, books, music and native conversations.


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Beam me up Scotty- On the original series, Scotty was the chief engineer, and he could transport people from wherever they were back to the ship. (Oddly enough, though, this exact line was never said in the original movies or TV shows.)

Make it so- This just means ‘do it’ or ‘go ahead’. It’s a lovely phrase, made lovelier because it was said by Sir Patrick Stewart, or Captain Jean-Luc Picard. It’s his signature line from Next Generation.

To boldly go where no man has gone before- This was the mission of any crew of a Star Trek show, and was said at the beginning of the original series and Star Trek the Next Generation. To be ‘bold’ is to be brave.

Resistance is futile- This means, ‘Don’t try to fight it, it won’t do any good’. ‘Futile’ means pointless. This was said in the famous last episode of season 3, in 1990, of Star Trek the Next Generation. Since then, this same line has been used countless times, in not only movies and TV, but in music as well. Click here to see the scene.

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The next question is, do people say this in real life, or only on the screen?

People say these phrases all the time! Even if you’re not a Star Trek fan, you could say “beam me up Scotty” to be funny, like if you’re talking to a friend on the phone, and they want to see you right away.

I only like to say “make it so” to people that I know are into Star Trek, but the phrase “resistance is futile” has become an idiom, as native speakers will recognize and use this phrase without even knowing where it came from.

Leave a comment guys! I’m super dorky, and you know what, being dorky is cool these days.

Let out your inner dork, and tell me what sci-fi shows, movies or books you’ve loved..

Pop Culture R&R

One reason that I love this show, perhaps, besides it being amazing, is that it’s the one show i remember my dad liking. I recall him watching it while I was growing up, and, unfortunately, I never watched it with him, as I thought I was ‘too cool’ for Star Trek. And look how that turned out!

So, let’s get to some episodes of Next Generation that you simply must watch.

Season 4, episode 19, is called The Nth Degree. A crewman, Barclay, gets turned into a super genius by an energy surge from an alien probe. Couldn’t sound any more sci-fi than that, could it?

The reason it’s so amazing is that Barclay is played by Dwight Schultz, who was Mad Murdock on the A-Team, a 1980’s action series that also starred Mr. T. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, this is also a CLASSIC TV show that many native speakers will know about, even if they’re a bit younger. Check it out!

Click here for more surprising Star Trek cameos. Tons of famous people have been on these shows!

The next episode of season 4 is also amazing, because it’s the return of my favorite character, simply known as Q.

Enough geeking out for one day! Go check out a Star Trek episode!

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