The Scariest Vocabulary in English!

Today you’ll find out how to say you’re scared in English, and get timeless horror recommendations.

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Before we get to today’s lesson- you need to check out the blog post for this week, about pronunciation mistakes that non-native speakers make in English, and how they end up saying really bad words.

Watch it so you don’t accidentally offend someone in the future!

There is a bad word mentioned in the video, so don’t watch it with kids! As you know, this channel is about how natives really speak English, and we really swear.

Vocabulary for being scared:

Scared the shit out of me- This is the most common thing natives say when scared for any reason!

Man, you scared the shit out of me with that voicemail. I thought something terrible had happened!

Scared shitless- This is, honestly, the second most common thing natives say when we are or were scared. We actually started saying this is 1936! source

That was horrific! I was scared shitless the whole time!

Scaredy-cat- This term describes a person that is afraid of something. This entered English in 1906! source

Petrified- A lovely, high-level word to use instead of ‘very frightened’

Numb/paralyzed with fear- Impressive sounding idioms meaning your whole body is frozen because you’re so scared

When do I use these phrases?

If I get a missed call from James’ school, I’m always petrified that something horrible has happened, and I call them back right away, even if I’m in the middle of a lesson.

Half the time it’s just them asking me to volunteer for something, though!

And, yes, I say the phrases with bad words to talk about horror movies and shows that I love, but always with a smile on my face, because I love being scared!

Leave a comment! Tell me what scares you!


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Pop Culture R&R

The Shining is the best horror flick. This is because it’s a thriller as well, and not just the gory-free-for-all-murdery stuff that most people think of, when they think of the horror genre.

It was directed by the incredible genius Stanley Kubrick in 1980, and stars Jack Nicholson. It’s based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King, from 1977.

There’s also a fascinating documentary about the making of the film, called Room 237.

My best friend and I watched this so many times we could quote it by heart in high school. My favorite is, “I’m not gonna hurt ya, I’m just gonna bash your brains in!

Here’s one of the most famous scenes from the film:

(Don’t watch if you’re a scaredy-cat!)

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