Pronunciation Mistakes That Make You Swear in English

For this blog post, you’ll learn the pronunciation mistakes that cause you to use swear words, so you don’t sound rude when speaking English.

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There are some pronunciation errors that are very serious.

Certain words are being mispronounced  by non-native English speakers a lot, and you end up actually saying very bad words.

If you do this accidentally while talking to a native speaker, that person may laugh at you, or possibly be very offended!

You don’t want to do this in conversation with a new friend, or perhaps a client at work!

Pronunciation mistakes:

Saying ‘fucks’ instead of ‘folks

(I heard a Vietnamese student saying that while practicing for his IELTS test. He was trying to talk about books that children read, and tried to say ‘folk’ and ‘folktales’ a lot, saying ‘fuck’ every time. Egregious error!)

Saying ‘bitch’ instead of ‘beach

Saying ‘shit’ instead of ‘sheet’ or ‘ship

Saying ‘crap’ instead of ‘crab

(This I’ve actually seen on many menus in Thailand!)

So, watch today’s video a couple times, and practice saying these words correctly!

Pop Culture R&R

In the spirit of learning how to speak well, I’d like to recommend the podcast You Must Remember This.

The host, Karina Longworth, enunciates very clearly, to the point of even saying all of her t’s at the end of words. Most native speakers don’t do that!

It’s about stories from old Hollywood, and has episodes about people like Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin.

If you love movies, this is fascinating!

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