White Trash and Slang for Drinkin’ Beer

Today you’ll learn what the definition of white trash is, along with some very useful, very native vocabulary related to drinking alcohol.

Hang out until the end to learn about one of the funniest movies of all time, in my humble opinion, at least.

White trash is the derogatory term for, basically, poor, uneducated white people. source

There exist tons of stereotypes for this group, of course. Besides being in a lower-earning income class, and usually possessing no degrees beyond high school, there are other, more specific ones as well.

For instance, they are often assumed to be racists- not liking foreigners, immigrants, or non-white people.

They also, therefore, tend to ‘love America’, or ‘Amerka’, as they say, tend to vote republican, identify as Christians, listen to country music and watch NASCAR. (But, as I said, those are just stereotypes!)

The term ‘white trash’ is actually very old.

The first printed use was in the 1820’s, but, according to an article I read, it began with the British colonization of America.

The author interviewed in this article said that the British wanted to ship their poor people to the American colonies, and they thought of these areas as wastelands. Thus, waste being a synonym for trash, the term white trash was born.

Click here for a fascinating article about this topic!

Now, today, this is an offensive term, for sure.

Another stereotype of white trash people is that they drink a lot of beer.


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So, here’s some fun vocabulary related to that!

Tipsy- The feeling after you’ve had a few drinks but are not yet drunk.

Buzzed- Same as tipsy, but also used for the feeling some light drugs cause.

Shit-faced- This is an extremely native and common term for being very drunk.

Hammered- Same as shit-faced.

Wasted- Same as hammered.

Beer goggles- When you’re drunk, you may think another person is more attractive than they really are. This is described as having on ‘beer goggles’.

Click here for even more awesome native slang related to drinking alcohol.

On a personal note, I’ve never been a beer fan, but I do certainly enjoy wine, or ‘adult grape juice’, as some call it!

I would love to hear what you love to drink! Comment below on your favorite adult beverage, and how you like to enjoy it.

Pop Culture R&R

When thinking of today’s topic, the movie that came immediately to mind is Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, starring one of my favorite comedic actors of all time, Will Ferrell. It came out in 2006.

This is such a quotable movie! After it came out, I remember having entire conversations with my friends in which we just quoted our favorite parts and cracked ourselves up.

Here’s one of my favorite scenes:

The reason I’m recommending this today, besides being one of the funniest freaking movies ever, is because Ricky Bobby is a NASCAR driver, and NASCAR is also a stereotypical white-trash passion.

Next week I’ll feature some of the scariest words in English, as Halloween is approaching!

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