Jessica Beck

Hi! Nice to meet you!

I've been an ESL professional for over 17 years. I've done it all- taught at universities, published 16 textbooks, trained other teachers, hosted podcasts and an IELTS YouTube channel, and created successful online English courses. Additionally, I was an IELTS Examiner for 14 years.

I also have a Masters in Applied Linguistics, and a Bachelors in Romance Languages. I've worked and studied in 6 different countries, from Mexico to Taiwan, and I've lost count of the countries I've traveled to.

These days, I live in Portland, Oregon. My family includes my exceptional young son, James, and my enormous dog, Ozzie.

Now, I am teaching English my own way- with mountains of enthusiasm!

I love words. Plain and simple.

And I want you to love English. Through fascinating vocabulary that you won't get anywhere else, and explanations of real pop culture references, you will gain new confidence in not just your English, but yourself.