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You’ve never learned English like this.


I’m also one of the hosts of IELTS Energy, and a co-host of All Ears English.

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About Jessica

My name is Jessica Beck, and I have been teaching English for over 15 years.

I have a Master’s in Applied Linguistics, I’ve written 20 textbooks, trained other teachers, created online courses, podcasted and maintained a test prep YouTube channel.

Now, I’m combining all my experience, education and life passions to bring you these lessons. No more books are classrooms!

The fact is, when teachers talk to you, maybe even some of your native friends, they omit bad words, slang and cultural references. That means they’re not talking to you how they really talk, because they think you won’t understand.

In my lessons, you’ll learn what we really say with friends, in movies and TV- the slang, idioms and bad words. I won’t talk to you like a student- I’ll talk to you like a person! An adult person who is curious about the world and English, and is positively motivated to explore my language and culture.

Here’s the age old question. How do you learn new vocabulary? Context! From my Master’s and 15 years of experience, I know that context is EVERYTHING.

In my videos you’ll learn where the vocabulary comes from, in a historical context, and also how we use it now, for modern context. Plus, you’ll get a Pop Culture R&R at the end of every lesson- homework! But, the best kind. These are the movies, TV shows, books, comics, music and podcasts that are strings weaving through all of our conversations and media. I’ve always been a super geek for all that stuff, and I can’t wait to share my loves and memories with you guys!

Do you wanna talk like a native, or even just understand us?

Honestly English is the place.

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